In your Word Study lesson, the children in your classroom are talking excitedly about similarities and differences between the spelling and meaning of words. Working together, they explore why these patterns occur and develop an understanding of how our language works.
Find everything you need to make it happen, here.

What is Word Study Spelling?

Word Study is an approach to teaching spelling. It builds on knowledge about words which the children have already acquired through phonics teaching, and expands it to develop critical thinking, word observation skills, discussion and reasoning skills. The children use the skills to describe words, spelling patterns and meanings; developing a knowledge of words and they way they work as they do so. It’s exciting because it pulls together skills we know work in other learning environments, and develops opportunities for children to talk about words and language in meaningful contexts.

This website is a collection of resources and links to help you learn about what Word Study is, and to help you teach it using the Word Study resources we have found, made and shared. We are based in the UK so the resources support the teaching of our curriculum here and use UK spelling patterns.



Within each year group folder you’ll find some planning documents, and a huge resource bank of word sort lists, all ready for you to print out, cut up, and use as part of your teaching sequence.

Also, look at our posters which have been designed to help you and your students understand the word study teaching sequence, what the different sorts are, and how to do a word investigation.

We’re working on having everything you need to teach the 2014 spelling curriculum requirements. If you have resources or other website links you’d like to share with us, please do so: email us, and we’ll add them to the site.

We’ve also shared some ideas on our Pinterest page so that’s worth checking out for ideas.


About Us

This website was born out of a collaborative project, investigating teaching spelling through Word Study. The project, organised by the  Affinity Teaching School Alliance, brought together teachers from schools in Leicestershire and was led by Sarah Walker and Sian Ellis. In the UK, word study is not widely used as an approach to teaching spelling, but we spent time learning about it and sharing good practice and ideas. An important consideration was that, to make it succcessful, we needed resources suitable for our UK curriculum and with UK spelling patterns to use to teach with in our schools. So we set to work.

Half way through the project we realised that the Word Study approach worked better than we had thought possible. We wanted easy ways to share what we had done with colleagues in our own and other schools, and so we started to build this site.

If you'd like to join in with the project and contribute your own Word Study resources, we'd love to have your help. Send your ideas to us, to add to the site.

Please contact us if you would like any more information or if you would like to equire about staff training provision.

The project contributors are:

Sarah Walker
Sian Ellis
Dixie-Louise Armstrong
Simran Bharakhda
Ruth Brooks
Cheryl Dryland
Siobhan Evans
Elaine Fox
Lisa Geary
Maggie Heap
Deb Horton
Alison Romanovsky
Kelly Spencer
Megan Slatcher